datum: 01.10.2022

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Anatomy and Physiology Honors Online

Course length:

2 semesters


8 - 13


FLVS - Florida Virtual School Global


In this online course students explore the organization of the human body and how it works. They will acquire knowledge necessary to understand what the body is doing and how they can help the body cope with many different situations. Body systems will be studied in order to understand how their structure, location, and function allow for interaction with other parts of the body.

Očima instruktorky Kataríny

Kurz Anatomy and Physiology si nejčastěji vybírají studenti, kteří by chtěli v budoucnu studovat medicínu nebo se zkrátka zajímají o lidské tělo. Baví mě pozorovat, jak díky videím, textům a úlohám objevují stavbu a fungování lidského těla – vše s přesahem do běžného života. Mám radost z toho, že jim mohu pomáhat v cestě za jejich vysněnou kariérou.

 The Anatomy and Physiology course is most commonly picked by students with a deep interest in the human body and who often intend to go to medical school after graduation. I love watching them discovering the functions of the human body and how this course overlaps with their daily lives. I enjoy helping them on their way to their dream careers! 

Study materials (e-books, Discovery Education, etc. ...) for FLVS Global courses are INCLUDED in the price of the course.

Course Structure

Study Scope and Sequence

Module 1:
    •    Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology 

    •    Human Skeleton 

    •    Bone Markings 

    •    Tissues 

    •    Skin

Module 2: 

    •    Skeletal Muscle 

    •    Axial and Appendicular Muscles 

    •    Cellular Energy 

    •    Muscle Contraction 

    •    Muscle Fibers 

    •    Muscle Fatigue

Module 3: 

    •    Physiology of Muscle 

    •    Nervous System 

    •    The Spinal Cord 

    •    The Brain 

    •    Sympathetic and Parasympathetic 

    •    Nerve Conduction 

    •    Senses 

    •    Endocrine System 

    •    Hormones


Module 4 

    •    Cardiovascular System 

    •    Blood Vessels and Electrocardiogram 

    •    Components of Blood 

    •    Homeostasis, Typing, and Transfusion 

Module 5:
    •    Respiratory System 

    •    Digestive System 

    •    Molecules of Life 

    •    Macromolecule Reactions 

    •    Enzymes 

Module 6: 

    •    Excretory System 

    •    Excretory Structures 

    •    Immune System 

    •    Lymph System 

    •    Reproductive System 

    •    Fertilization to Birth 

    •    Fetal Circulation

Course syllabus

Materials required

For this course you need to secure the following textbook and materials (if lab kit is listed, check first the possibility of using your school lab prior to buying the lab kit):

Lab MaterialsLab Materialprovided by student


course fee: 543,- EUR / 12 940,- Kč

Student’s Experience

Regarding the course, I've really enjoyed it, it is one of the best experiences regarding medicine I've had. 
Frederic B., 2020

I am very satisfied with the way this course is structured - the modules and single lessons. The content was really synoptical and I orientated in it really well. Also, I like the different types of assignments - the quizzes, some creative projects, essays or answers to questions and the collaboration work. It made the course work really various. I think that the whole system of the course is really good, because I have a feeling that I really learned something in an entertaining way and that it has a sense. 
Anna V., 2020

I believe that I learned most from the "creative" assignments - worksheets, models, essay, etc. The course was filled with a lot of interesting and valuable content and would recommend it to someone interested in the medical field.
Eliška S., 2020

This course has been really good. The way that the course is formatted and organized makes it easy to navigate and understand everything. The assignments are interesting and I also learned a lot of new things. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in anatomy.

Aneta S., 2021

The course is very well organized and structured as for its content and time management. The online programme works really well, there was no problem for me to connect whenever I wanted. The activities and assignments are interesting and I have created and collected a lot of useful materials. I really like the videos and practical activities! And I have found the video script very useful too.
The communication with the instructor was excellent, very helpfull and I always got a quick response and advice! I also got detailed feedback on the activities and assignments. The collaboration work with my classmates was also fine and I always learned something new from my mates.

Karolína M., 2021

Things I liked:
I really liked the arrangement of the course- the division into modules and chapters.
I also appreciated the arrangement of the assessments and exams- it forced me to revise the topics very often and so I could save the information into my “long-term memory”.
Moreover, I liked the format of our assessments- it was usually very interesting and it helped me to find out was I was not sure about.

How was my communication/work with my instructor?
The communication with our instructor was very good. She answered our emails very quickly and was here for us whenever we needed her.
She was also very helpful when we needed some help or we needed the due dates to put off because of some illness or thinks like that.

Thank you very much for all your work. It was a great experience for me.

Veronika K., 2021


I wanted to get better in biology, human anatomy specifically, which is exactly what the course offered to me and helped me with.

I really like the structure of the course, there were many various topics included. The communication with the instructor was way better than in any of my previous courses, we truly stayed in touch and I knew I can tell her if I would have any problem within the course. The course had not only amazing information and resources, but also felt interactive. I really enjoyed completing all the creative assignments.

Overall, this course was amazing and I would recommend it, it was fun and also taught me many things they didn’t tell me at school! :)

I loved it. Thanks for wonderful experience.

Helena H., 2021


This course overall gave me a lot of knowledge. I've put a lot of my effort into this. Now, thanks to this opportunity, I understand my body and value myself more, knowing what actually goes on inside, without ignoring it and leaving the processes as something that is normal. I've noticed that we often overlook this fact. I can also show off around my friends with mentioning the processes and propper vocabulary, during a conversation mentioning a part of the human anatomy.

I enjoyed the overall structure of this course, the way it was divided into segments/modules around each topic. All the videos and worksheets included were a creative touch to the courses. Without those, it would have been a lot more of a push, having to read and attempt to understand those processes. I also loved the collabration assesments.

It was very pleasant to get this opportunity. Thank you deeply and I wish you the best.

Viktorie A., 2021


I definitely liked the fact that the course helped me realise that the topic it taught me is the one that I want to dedicate my life to. It may sound a little arbitrary coming from a 17-year-old, but the course showed me whether I enjoyed studying human anatomy or not. I did. I had the most fun doing the assignments that somewhat resembled the ones I’d probably face if I were to be working in the health industry – like the ones where we had to find out how many people there are in a pit of bones (the extra right femur proving the presence of one more person). I had a lot of fun presenting collaborative assessments to the rest of the students – I love presenting stuff! Having more interactions with others like that would have made the course a lot better, in my opinion. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent an entire year attending online school, but I’d enjoy a more interactive course anyway.

I’m extremely satisfied with how the communication with our instructor went – all the responses were very fast and any question I asked was answered.

Yuliia B., 2021