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Czech High School Diploma Gaining an International Dimension

AP Exams

Czech High School Diploma Gaining an International Dimension

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17. 5. 2022

CTM new brochure: Comprehensive and affordable program of international education


CTM new brochure: Comprehensive and affordable program of international education

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1. 5. 2022

CTM Students Among the World’s Best Measured by AP Exam Results

AP Exams

CTM Students Among the World’s Best Measured by AP Exam Results

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4. 1. 2022

Academic excellence for all: Enrich a Czech education with online AP exam prep

Online Program

Academic excellence for all: Enrich a Czech education with online AP exam prep

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10. 10. 2021

CTM (Center for Talented Minds) is for children and students from about 5 years of age to high school graduation who prefer individual and flexible approach in their studies.  CTM helps them gain English proficiency, respects their learning pace and their passion in exploring subjects they enjoy. 

CTM motivates and supports children and students in reaching their academic dreams

What makes us different?

  • We place our bets on an individual approach to education
  • A living instructor caters to every student and supports them on their educational journey
  • Our instructors and teachers are the best in their discipline
  • The courses CTM offers allow everyone to pick a topic they will enjoy – from physics to English literature.
  • We use English as the primary language in our courses, so students have the chance to learn how to use proficiently it in the field of study they choose
  • Children and parents can include our virtual school and self-development programs in their extra-curricular activities anytime and anywhere
  • We offer a program, which is unparalleled on the Czech market and provides financially attainable international education.

Our references speak for us:

Instructor RNDr. Iva Kolářová, PhD:

I would like to thank you for the experience with online education, which I obtained thanks to you – how to structure a course, various activities for students, providing quality feedback, and motivating students. 

I have to say that I had a chance to utilize a lot of it this year. Only because of several years’ worth of experience with CTM was I able to prepare a functional distance-learning curriculum of my subjects on PřF OK, which was appraised by my students.

Student Jasmína:

CTM Online provided me with a chance of self-realization in the field I love and gave me opportunities of which I never even dreamt beforehand. Thanks to the course, I realized what really fulfils me, what I really enjoy and what I want my future career and hobbies to be focused on.

See more references>>  |  Map of past CTM students>>

Study with us online

Your Study Journey with CTM

From courses for kids 11 years of age

to demanding AP courses and international exams

CTM is a complete educational program of financially attainable international education.

More and more students choose CTM as a complement to their standard schooling. Online learning is the future of education. It has its distinct place in education and is a part of the academic careers of many motivated students.

Yearly comparison of the number of CTM Online students:

The number of CTM Online students is ever rising, as is the number of schools that implement CTM Online into their curricula.

List of schools involved with CTM>>

Read more about CTM in our 2022 brochure:

With the support of our partners

We are not the only ones who view our children’s education as a priority. We hereby thank our main partners, who support us – both financially and as mentors. They believe in our values – preparing children for the future, teaching them how to learn online, thinking critically, and using English proficiently. Without them, we couldn’t provide accessible individualized education to so many children every year.



Get an International Education with CTM

AP Capstone is a diploma program of the College Board based on two yearlong AP courses:

AP Seminar and AP Research.

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Zuzana K.

The AP Psychology course has been very helpful to me and I really enjoyed it all. Not only was it interesting to learn all about psychology but it was also fun with the material being made the way it is. I understood the issue well and I liked learning about it.
Also my teacher has been a great help and always managed to explain and clarify things I struggled with. She knew how to create stress-free environment so I was not afraid of asking for help or ask further questions about the material.
Overall, I loved this course, I would recommend it to anyone interested in this topic. It motivated me to continue studying psychology and definitely gave me a great start!


Adam K.

I chose AP Computer Science A because I had been interested in programming since I was 11 years old. This online course was able to teach me the basics of programming in Java easily and in an entertaining way. The instructor was very kind. She even supported learning above the syllabus and she immediately responded to all my questions. I was quite afraid of whether I would understand when the course is in English. But in the end, it was not that difficult, and my Englished improved a lot.  That helped me in the subsequent studies in England. Overall, I enjoyed the course and it was a great experience. In the end, I would like to thank CTM for making these courses, and to my school, which sponsored the course and that they have let me know about CTM.


Oliver L.

When CTM allows you to experience the extraordinary experience of studying abroad first-hand, you'll never even consider other options. Regardless of the course you pick, I can promise you it's a constant streak of extremely satistying "HEUREKA!" moments as through studying, you start thinking about topics from completely new POVs. Usually, I'm not too keen on overused buzzwords, but... my summer with CTY was honestly LIFE-CHANGING!


Diana Š.

Let me share with you how happy I was always when I saw the excitement in my daughter when she was going to work on her CTM assignments, no matter the time of day it was (sometimes it seemed she forgot of time with the mission). With every accomplished lesson, she has improved some nuances in her studying but also life. She started even to inspire me to look for some new approaches (so I have found a 20-20-20 method from Robin Sharama, which I am trying to implement in my team lifestyle)... :) Many times when my daughter was part of some discussion of my colleagues or relatives she referred to something from the course and gave some advice to their youngsters. Some of them got interested for their children in your course. Perhaps there will be some followers from over here.

At this moment let me thank you one more time for your very human and sensitive mentoring. From my daughter talking I understood, she has found in you a motivating friendly and patient tutor, that left in her life a valuable footprint.


Supported by strong partners

American Fund for Czech and Slovak Leadership Studies
EY Česká republika
Nadace RSJ
College Board
The Bohemian Benevolent and Literary Association
České vysoké učení technické - Český institut informatiky robotiky a kybernetiky
ZŠ a gymnázium Nový PORG a PORG Libeň
Společnost pro talent a nadání
JČU Přírodovědecká fakulta
Unicorn College
Gymnázium Jana Keplera
Gymnázium Nad Alejí
Biskupské gymnázium Žďár nad Sázavou
Gymnázium Jana Nerudy
Gymnázium Arabská
Mensa gymnázium
Centrum pro talent management u Přírodovědecké univerzity Ostrava
Kudy z nudy
Benefit plus
Český mindfulness institut

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